Our basic philosophy is to use sophisticated new technology suitably mature to make a critical difference when implemented in Caretag's solutions.

It is a fundamental part of our philosophy that we constantly seek new knowledge. We have substantial experience in finding and working with companies and individuals to create new products based on new technology.

We do not measure our business on manpower but on our knowledge base

We strive to ensure our employees to be well grounded in their particular areas, able to acquire new knowledge and to cooperate with third parties in creating new products.

We take pride in finding the right partners with the right solutions

All too often, new products are developed without knowledge about user wants and needs. A crucial part of our corporate culture is to focus on the customer’s key issues and the details.

Simplicity is our mantra.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience in hospital, healthcare and general management. We are commited to create products streamlining the daily workflow and meeting future requirements.

Our products are developed to meet future requirements.