Caretag's Patient Record System can be used in small, midsize or large hospitals and clinics.

Patient Record System is an extension of the well-proven CareSys system. The system is designed to support the workflows of most clinics and hospitals. The system is  intuitively designed to avoid costly training and the system will provide an immediate ROI.

The system is modular rather than having to start up a great system but only the workspace you need. Further it means that you can start with the basic module and then build on the modules you need. No hospitals or clinics are alike so all modules are possible to adapt and can be customized to individual needs.

Caretag Booking

​This is a audiovisual solution for patient booking and can also be used as the doctors working book or working journal for nurses.

Caretag Vision

​Imaging Software solution where you can save all your patients CT, MRI, PET or x-ray images


​A highly sophisticated software platform that consists of 2 different areas: ​

  • The integration of scanning images from our Caretag Patient system and an MR/CR imaging systems based on HL7 protocol. The system allows you to send patient data from any system using the HL7 protocol for treatment in such a Philips MR/CR system. Further, it is possible to receive low-resolution images for archiving in a patient system like Caretag Patient

  • The second area is an extremely sophisticated system to process data from such a scan and present it in a 3D world. For example, it might be a scan of a blood vessel where it would be possible to move through this vein and get a very realistic representation.