Solutions for tagging, tracking and handling of Surgical Instruments

Our solutions consist of know-how, hardware and software developed for the health care sector. Our solutions are based on the following three principles:
1 Hub for Everything

Our philosophy is to use sophisticated new technology suitably mature to make a critical difference.

Our principles are, that our solutions should always:

  • give our customers significant ROI (Return on investment)

  • user-friendly - demanding only limited or no training

  • simple to implement or add on to existing solutions.

Mix and Match

For tagging and tracking our solutions primarily build on RFID and RTLS technologies.

All of our individual products can be mixed and matched in almost any way to make up final solutions meeting the exact requirements of a specific customer.











The focal point for all of our solutions is software, the Knowledge Hub©.


The Knowledge Hub is developed by Caretag for retrieving, accessing and managing data from a large variety of platforms and technologies like RFID, barcode, RTLS, external databases etc.

To draw you the bigger picture of how our solutions work, we have described a couple of our solutions targeted at Health Care, Construction and Logistics.